Like a dream, one morning last week I received a phone call by which I have been offered to visit the Hermès Maison inParis. A secret desire of every woman, in the thick mass of those ever told, is to have a room of bags in which the Chanel and the Hermès areequally distributed.


The long wait that passesbetween the desire to possess them and the waiting times of
delivery, extend months in years and years in painful moments of suffering, that a man will never understand! The Hermès is the arrival point for every woman and that “H” turns into a symbol that silently travels among the watchful eyes of women, through the shopping streets, and society.



If the concept of Status is still tied to certain symbols, then the H of Hermès is one of the last true owners. This explains the various Vintage Store in Milan and Rome, dedicated only to the exchange of these 2 brands of bags and other famous brands, which by now have developed a CTC market (consumer to consumer) that every day grows more and more.

Like Apple is the “Status” for technology, likewise Hermès is for Luxury and its reasons are apparently little clear. Deploying as light in the mists of the false luxury, in the very moment in which you enter the Maison in Paris where I set foot on last week. 

I cannot hide the excitement that went with me while getting off the plane and crossing theAvenue; it was like in an advertising spotwhere Paris, in the reflectionsof the car that accompanied me, was the background to a love encounter.

An emotion, a nice chill, difficult to repeat and also to understand but for us women,Hermès is unique as only its world it is. When I entered the Maison, followed by people who are proud to working a temple of luxury, I visited the facility, and then moved to the upper floors where access is not allowed to anyone if not just for special reasons and, in a small room I could see the saddlery workshop where highly skilled craftsmen, customize the bags for the most important customers on the planet.

An unique artisan work in the world, that only those who have the honor to visit this temple ofculture can understand. Pictures are prohibited: I could only take these pictures of the table lightLunch, finely decorated withceramics, silvers and crystalsall strictly Hermès, which haveexalted the quality of the food and in which theobsessive attention forprecision has been revealed inall its brilliance.

The H of the picture is the “H” made with sugar for the tea thatwe sipped after eating, andbehind that i’ve been able to discover more deeply secrets and stories thatsurround this planet of luxury.

I heard about a lady who is the owner of one hundred Hermès bags and they’re all pink colored, or about a client who in one of her residence, has adozen wardrobe rooms dedicated to some of the world Luxury Brands, but an entire room is dedicated only to theHermès bags collection since about 30 years, perhaps the most largest collection existing in this world.
During the friendly conversation then I found out about the Hermès apple tree that I could see the outside of the patio doors which was placed in front of my eyes.
Even about this tree I have been unveiled of unique storiesof famous people that before me had the honor of beingseated at my place here and about who I will tell you in thenext few rounds on my Blog.

A single apple tree, which produce a single jam in the world, and where the DNA of the tree is Hermes as well as its wonderful fruit that turns into a jam that only a select few have the pleasure to taste

To be continued…..

Audrey Tritto
All Rights Reserved 2013

English Version provided By Polona Komljenovic

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