Everybody knows +Oktoberfest in Munich but not everyone is going to try the experience. And let me tell you for everyone who is not from Bavaria, it is an experience, a special atmosphere of Luna Park. 

Everyone dressed up in their traditional Bavarian clothes, drinking beer, singing German folklore songs, eating traditional food and everyone is happy! It is a very unique energy and special emotions. Simply fantastic. You normally go into a “Bierzelt”.


 I went to Hypodrom, the tent of Sepp, a famous restaurant owner in Munich because all the VIPs go to his tent. After my first “Mass” of beer, I was trying the typical Bavarian food. Very traditional but very good! 

The people around were singing and dancing and I tried my best to sing in German with them. Afterwards I made a walk through the “Wiesn” as the Oktoberfest is called. Roller Coasters, free fall tower, shooting, all the games that make you feel to be a child again. There are many amazing activities and it was a funny night! You can like it or not, but everyone should at least enjoy this great festival once!






My new October fest cap..



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