Milan fashion weeks are perhaps one of the principal events that more than anything else approach Italy to that idea of ​​Europe in which the Italians would feel proud to belong to.

More than any where else in the world, they represent the feeling of a real business world, made by the culture of beaut yand of doing, that finds in fashion the place where Italians can transfer emotions and the most pure sensations that bynow are impossible to achieve in real life.

The body, as a place of creativity, finds his exaltation full of Vanity located in the streets of Milan where Luxury is the instrument of creation and beauty, changing itself on the strength of the circumstances, in the interpretation of a world in which “being” means good living.

The beautiful Italian life, made by a way of feeling life in which aesthetics plays a role that fulfill whatever, as if to compensate for the deficiencies that the real world can not convey anymore..

The value beyond the reality, this is the economical price given by the exclusivity: the hours of work necessary to transform an asset into something unique andinimitable convert a fashion object into a luxury item where the price you are paying is that of the secular culture of a Country that to create that object has dedicated lives, passions, ideas, of an entire nation of craftsmen that have made Italy the unique andinimitable Country that it is.
So a seam made ​​in a certain way, the softness of a fabric or the inimitable coloring of a piece of clothing, become a unique business card of Italianness hardly recognizable otherwise.

The value of the artisan work: this is the value of Made in Italy, and in the Milan runways the “Fashion Cloud” by now, the impalpable cloud of taste, quality, creativity and style ofI talian life, it is felt, breathed and lived like nowhere else in the world.

Here workshops and Italian entrepreneurs form an explosive and uncontrollable mixture, which like a firework explodes during fashion weeks and fascinate us, bewitches us and then disappears, making the memory of those colors something unique and inimitable because live daccording to the Italian way of life that makes things different and incomprehensibly with no repetition..

74 shows, 146 collections make of the Milan pret a porter the event that perhaps more than any other in all the world is close to the real world of Italian women who in one wayor another influence the global visions of international designers who still think, live and imagine in an Italian key the women style.
So even if its the homeland of global and multicultural brands, Italian imprinting is always alive and present in creative people minds who live, think and create in Milan, in a place in which life is still close to the needs of real life.
The Miracle of Milan is like the one of the blood of San Gennaro in Naples, where every year the ampoule filled with the miraculous solid fied blood of the saint, at the presence of thousands of faithful it liquefies among the amazed and wondered people.
Milan Fashion Week is another Italian miracle, made of organization and efficiency in a nation where this feature is not a standard.
Castello Sforzesco, PalazzoGiureconsulti, Palazzo Clerici, Palazzo della Ragione, offered themselves to the fashion world as magnificent frames to paintings, fashion creations: an Italian artistic history that continues to tell Italian creativity.
The city turns into a place of human desires, captured and sublimated from the catwalks of Pret a porter collections that never before like this year, were judged full of energy and positivity despite the crisis.
Crisis, perhaps the Italian natural environment, mental place where the Italian can find that energy that makes our Made in Italy strong and inimitable.
Crisis as change, ability to adapt to the contingencies, attitude to discover within themselves the qualities and grades that make it possible to reinvent every day, like jazz musicians who find themselves in every concert to reinvent according to the climax of the evening and the common feeling . 
And so we saw the desire to reinterpret: Gucci, Armani,Cavalli, Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, fashion shows have been highly appreciated by the buyers and give justice to adiversity in the one ness of doing Italian Fashion.

Abundant games of colors and printed designs, shocking colors and basic colors, redefine a shift in trends towards elements already ‘seenin the late 80’s but that have a force and a creative eccentric force but wearable and they are all elements of the same copyright framework in which the real news has been the exuberance of Milan compared to all the other squares fashion World.
Among them we have to highlight the creativity of Philippe Plein who, in the last season was highlighted for the use of the skull (symbol already ‘used by Gaultier’s in the late 80’s) that reinterprets the Black & White post Dark in a modern way, making a parade close to the feelings of the new generations of women made of music, joy of life, naturalness and irony.
Maybe with him a new world is being born in Milan, designers who like Plein know how to listen and interpret the desires of women, who want to experience fashion as joy of being and relating themselves to the world.

Bypassing the status and retaining femininity, their charm is to be aware of not having to take themselves too seriously.

All rights Reserved 2013
Audrey Tritto


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