Audrey Tritto and Sylvester Stallone on the Fours Seasons  Hotel NYC
  • The first time I heard about the new Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro motion picture Grudge Match was in June. I was in Beverly Hills, where I was scouting for a location to shoot a screenplay that I had been working for the last year.
  • With Mr. Monty Shadow, one of Sly’s long-time friends, we stopped by to greet the Stallone family that lives in a secluded area in the Hollywood Hills far from prying eyes. Once we were there, Sly secretly showed us the first images from the upcoming movie Grudge Match.
Six months later, I attended the world premiere of the movie at the Tribeca Film Institute in New York. I remember the atmosphere being so exciting and the Big Apple was overflowing with a magical Christmas spirit which made the day even more special. 


  • As I was getting ready for the big night and I recall picking out a red dress as a tribute to boxing. I completed the look with a sleeveless coat from Dior, Orciani gloves, Versace leggings and Casadei shoes.
  • We picked up Sylvester on our way to the Tribeca Film Institute and we all left in black SUVs – Hollywood style.  Driving through New York’s Avenues by night with the police’s sirens flickering was unforgettable. It felt like being in a movie!

On the Roads of  New York Ciity – Times Square 
On the Roads of  New York Ciity – Times Square 


  • Inside the Ziegfeld Theatre, people were waiting for Sly on the Red Carpet.
  • After De Niro spoke to the media, he entered the movie theater that hosts the biggest movie screen in New York City.
  • Although the room was dark, I couldn’t resist having a look around. I was surrounded by world class actors and celebrities, whose movies I used to watch with amazement and admiration.
  • Again, I felt like I was living someone else’s life, or actually living inside Woody Allen’s “The Purple Rose of Cairo” where the characters leave the big screen to enter real life.
  • “Grudge Match” is a beautiful and funny comedy – it has the potential to become as epic as “Rocky” and “Raging Bull”. All of the guests were enthusiastic and Kim Basinger was as beautiful as ever.
  • After the screening, we all went to the after party and danced the night away in a beautifully decorated room that was inspired by the theme of the movie. It certainly was a night to remember.


Audrey Tritto on Red Carpet of Grudge Match – New York City – Ziegfeld Theatre 



Outfit : Gloves Orciani,  Moncler Jacket, Gilet  Dior, T-Shirt e Pants leggins Versace, Shoes Casadei, Bag Sain Laurent
The Set of the Party
Robert De Niro


Sylvester Stallone  Audrey Tritto  Alan Arkin 2007 Oscar Winner
Robert De Niro

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