Escape Plan – a new movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger


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I went to see “Escape Plan”: a fair movie, not the usual “action” full of blood, but an absorbing and different story that raptured me from beginning to end. The good talented and always beautiful James Caviezel has his place in the director of an ultramodern prison, while Sly and Schwarzy are great and certainly they do not need any comments. I know it’s been over a year, but Escape Plan reminded me of these days in London, when, I was Sly’s guest at the Premiere of The Expendables 2.

Sylvester Stallone with the family London 2012 Expendables2 premiere

Those were all-beautiful hours and Sylvester’s hospitality allowed me to spend some delightful moments also together of his wonderful wife, Jennifer. Sylvester on this occasion was surrounded by his family, that came to Europe on purpose to stay with him and for this reason he was glowing.

Sylvester Stallone  London 2012 Expendables2 premiere

This could seem trivial for mere mortals, but it isn’t for the stars who, due to safety issues, media, events, etc., eventually they spend very short time with their own family, surrounded as they are by fans and commitments of all kinds. 

Audrey Tritto Outfit on London Uk Premiere: Armani Jacket, Guess Top, Pinko Gilet, Casadei Shoes, Alexander McQueen Bag

We had dinner in a little restaurant of London where with wine of exceptional quality, we talked about many things, about summer holidays and their desire to go to the beach, we talked about sports, about the Olympics and the passion of Jennifer for volleyball of which she is a huge fan insomuch as organizing a women’s team that she manages. 

+Jennifer Flavin with +Audrey Tritto

Sly was quiet while listening and was pleased to spend some time in that way. I do not know what I could have asked for more: regular people in a special world.

+Audrey Tritto with Jean-Claude Van Damme





A dream, a beautiful dream!!
…….to be continued

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