Chanel 2016 fall winter – incredible guests at the Paris Grand Palais fashion show


The Chanel fashion show is the show where you feel like the world of Chanel is something higher and reserved for beings of a planet for  “special” people that go “beyond fashion” and living Chanel as the “liturgy” of the celebration of a “Mystic” what is more than real.


Fashion is  “understood as an essential element of their lives happily  experienced as aesthetics, freedom and expressive form that women play and live with the same spirit that an artist uses to unleash their creativity.


For those who do not understand this world, and especially for the “men” intended as “homo erectus”, completely detached from this world, it may be useful to give examples to try to explain what it is and what it means, the Chanel fashion show.


So to get to Paris, and enter the Grand Palais where thousands of guests have been waiting for the show wearing a suit or at least a Chanel accessory, gave a sense of how much and what it means in terms of thrill to attend such an event.

For a woman, attending a Chanel fashion show, not just seen as simple spectator, is equivalent to the emotion that an politician may prove to be admitted “privately” at the White House in the Oval Office, or a fan of any actor in going to a private dinner with his star.



It’s the thrill of a footballer playing a World Cup final, or an actor to participate in Oscar night: a big rush of adrenaline and the excitement generated, is comparable to those milliseconds after the purchase in boutique of a Chanel, before the effect of possession face fade the thrill and excitement of purchase.


But not only is this: is there anything more and this “more” tends to be much more like what happens in sports, where it’s easy to see hundreds of thousands of fans wearing the t-shirt of your favorite team while you watch the game or race.


So to get to Paris, and enter in the Grand Palais where thousands of guests have been waiting for the show wearing a suit or at least a Chanel accessory, gave a sense of how much and what it means in terms of thrill to attend such an event.


Thousands of gilt chairs with white Chair, lit by a Sun that made the environment beautifully warm, have been the strategic choice this year, which saw returning the parade at natural roots of the atelier.

It was a strong signal, which revolutionized the very concept of show, and has placed at the center of the event every single invited and the Chanel collection. Each piece of the parade has passed just 30 cm by our eyes and everyone could admire the creative work which this yearhas made the collection simply elegant, spectacular, and basically young sexy and modern as far as Chanel is a unique landmark.

Sit on the “front row” in your chair with your name written in hand, surrounded by thousands of Chanel accessories and garments worn by other guests, and see the wonderful creations of the indomitable Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel is a privilege that is unmatched for a woman and made everyone happy by taking part in this time of “history of fashion”.


If the Chanel event was a box, definitely could be likened a magic box Chinese, where the largest container-the parade-contains several smaller ones, all interesting and beautiful and to be observed in the same way.



In this way the show started long before the parade, and lasted as long as necessary to fill the Grand Palais, so much so that his eyes were already almost tired of observing the thousands of “Chanel outfit” of the guests even before the parade had begun.


Not even an American production of a mega Hollywood movie, if it wanted to,  could put together such a vast variety of eccentric characters and figures combined in one chic space like this and nobody would have had the passion and creativity to make each incredibly equal and different at the same time.


Chanel has become a new language, a new music staff, a note on which guests have declined their creative composition, as many small students waiting to hear the great conductor and his great work “symphonic”.


And for me, a spectator excited about this wonderful world, having been able to participate in this celebration of taste and human creativity, it was a moment I will never forget the most aesthetic sublimation.



Even watching the video, you can see that I was in “mystical”, and I think that there is nothing more beautiful than to be in Paris and we can watch the parade Chanel feeling all around the charm and destinated the Paris itself the city that has made luxury and Chic’s own aesthetic Dna.


It will take more than hundreds of years to regenerate this spell, and there will never be another place in the world where this spell will repeat itself as here.

Chanel loves fashion, me too



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